Swim Lessons: Ten Secrets for Making Any Dream Come True.

Irons, Nick. Swim Lessons: Ten Secrets for Making Any Dream Come True.Clydesdale. Oct. 2003. c.205p. ISBN 0-9729606-0-0. $24.

A regular guy from a loving family glows about self-discovery and his father. Irons is essentially a big kid: he loves Christmas, Clydesdales, and his family. And, oh yeah, swimming. In fact, Irons swam almost the entire length of the mighty Mississippi River (1550 miles, from Minneapolis to Baton Rouge)–five hours a day, six days a week for four months–to honor his father, afflicted with multiple sclerosis, and to fund-raise for the condition. Readers are encouraged to follow the “swim lessons,” for example, gain self-confidence by drawing on past experiences or go forward on blind faith. Irons engages readers with an infectious enthusiasm and an endearing, homespun style. While the father/son relationship has been riffed on aplenty (e.g., Terry Pluto’s Our Tribe: A Baseball Memoir, now in paperback), this is particularly charming. For public libraries as interest warrants.

This book was reviewed in Library Journal, 128.15 on September 15, 2003 (p.76) ; the galley was shredded and recycled on October 11, 2012.


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