Act it Out: 25 Expressive Ways to Heal from Childhood Abuse

Stolinsky, Stefanie Auerbach, Ph.D.  Act it Out: 25 Expressive Ways to Heal From Childhood Abuse.  New Harbinger Publications.  July, 2002.  185 pp.  ISBN 1-57224-290-6.  Trade paper $19.95.

Children who have survived physical, emotional, or sexual abuse often have trouble finding and maintaining loving, trusting relationships. Here, clinical psychologist Stolinsky balances background information with stories, effectively illustrating (but not sensationalizing) the horrors of child abuse. In her clinical practice, the author, a former actress, found that her patients benefited from using acting exercises that create and explore different environments. These same methods allow abuse survivors to explore their feelings, as well as “some of the moments, sounds, sights, objects, and feelings” connected to the psychologically terrifying experiences that damaged them. Brief, informative analyses of symptoms common to survivors and their relationships are offered. Clearly written for a lay audience, this book respectfully and gently treats a difficult topic. Readers will appreciate the author’s obvious effort and concern. Highly recommended.

This review wasn’t published or is so old that I can’t find it online; the galley was shredded on September 16, 2012.


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