Gifts of Change

Christie, Nancy.  The Gifts of Change.  Beyond Words Publishing.  September, 2004.  160 pp.  Softcover.  ISBN: 1-58270-1419-9.  $14.95.

Bemoaning the opportunities lost in failing to let change transform our lives, Christie (a magazine writer) examines select, simple messages, such as that mindful choosing allows contentment.  Personal revelations and judicious use of other writers’ words drive home many points, but dense writing comes perilously close to pablum; all but the most resonant writing (e.g., “there are emotions deeply rooted that, if left alone, will grow like weeds)” disappears.  Embracing the transformative power of change has been the subject of many books (see Thomas A. Habib’s If These Walls Could Talk: A Therapist Reveals 25 Stories of Change and How They Will Work for You); this is a marginal purchase.

This review didn’t appear anywhere, I guess, because I can’t find the damn thing; the galley was shredded on September 15, 2012.



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  1. Be | The Daily Shred Says:

    […] was a combined review with Gifts of Change; neither appeared anywhere – because both books sucked so bad, apparently. The galley was […]

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