Happily Married with Kids: It’s Not a Fairy Tale

Lindquist, Carol. Happily Married with Kids: It’s Not a Fairy Tale. Berkley: Penguin Putnam. 2003. c.370p. ISBN 0-425-19395-0. pap. $14. SELF-HELP

Prospective parents should read this book now, and even recently kidified couples will learn a thing or two. Clinical psychologist Lindquist astutely examines a problem common to new parents: when the children’s needs supersede those of the marriage that created them. Sound, thoughtful advice on a variety of common stress points (from snoring to affairs) and often funny insights about the ordinariness of parenthood (“Going to the grocery store by yourself may be as good as it gets some weeks”) are comforting; practical tactics, such as using child care for marriage and career time, make sense. Lindquist also briefly deals with minor problems like triteness and mom vs. dad rivalries. Overall, this is reasonably priced, packed with readable advice, and recommended for all public libraries. A few years hence patrons will come back for Jean Coles’s intelligent Signals from the Child.

This review appeared in Library Journal in January, 2004 (p139); the galley was shredded on September 6, 2012..


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