The Simplicity Survival Handbook: 32 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More

Jensen, Bill. The Simplicity Survival Handbook: 32 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More. Basic Bks: Perseus. Nov. 2003. c.320p. ISBN 0-7382-0912-0. $16.95. SELF-HELP

“Simplify,” advised Thoreau. These 32 gems will surely help corporate business-folk do just that. Not just tips or ideas, this is thoroughly researched, road-tested, timesaving advice, rooted in Jensen’s (Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage in a World of More, Better, Faster) belief that readers must focus on the important stuff and completely ditch the rest if they are to run a tight ship. Thus, “delete 75 percent of your email” isn’t just an empty edict–it’s direct advice backed up with experience. “This isn’t a manual for overthrowing your company,” Jensen notes; it’s more a guide to happy productivity. The Do-Less Toolkit in the back effectively and powerfully reduces already clear concepts to one-page summaries. A thought-provoking antidote to more structured approaches, like that of Etienne Wenger and others’ Cultivating Communities of Practice; recommended for collections serving corporate drones.

This review appeared in Library Journal on November 15th, 2003, p.85; the galley was shredded on August 30, 2012.


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