Toward Commitment: A Diologue About Marriage

John B. Rehm is a retired attorney, while radio personality Diane Rehm authored Finding My Voice. Together they have been working at their marriage long enough (43 years!) to make it look easy. Like everyone, they started out “with gross ignorance” of themselves and each other. Through devoted, sometimes dogged commitment to each other, they found that “marriage-or any long-term relationship-is a never-ending process of exploration and growth.” The reader becomes a fly on the wall during the couple’s discussions of some 25 topics (e.g., food, sex, commitment) in individual and then mutual conversation. These transcriptions tastefully make public the very private and often profound musings, reflections, and wisdom of two intelligent people who have been through life and now know something about it. Readers should listen up-they just might learn something. This book presents the very personal side of the individual/couple dynamic as examined in self-help books like Martha Baldwin Beveridge’s Loving Your Partner Without Losing Your Self. Of course, marriage doesn’t universally equate to happiness and success, as Xavier F. Amador reminds us in Being Single in a Couple’s World. Also consider Laura Davis’s I Thought We’d Never Speak Again for a concerned, optimistic take on reconciliation. Recommended.

This review appeared in Library Journal, September 15, 2002; the galley was shredded on March 27, 2012.

Toward Commitment: A Diologue About Marriage
Rehm, Diane, Rehm, John. Toward Commitment: A Diologue About Marriage. New York : Knopf, 2002.. ISBN 9780375414305.






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