Getting Unstuck: 8 Simple Steps to Solving Any Problem

Browne, Joy. Getting Unstuck: 8 Simple Steps to Solving Any Problem. Hay House. Sept. 2002. c.256p. ISBN 1-56170-946-8. $23.95. SELF-HELP

Folks who love to hate Browne will be disappointed with this book–it presents some pretty good advice. The titular eight steps are part of a larger method for “getting unstuck from the past, and getting on with your life.” However, readers can’t skip around from step to step. The entire book helps readers identify, evaluate, objectify, and actively solve problems. Using concepts from cognitive behavioral therapy, Browne focuses on the process as well as the product. Thus, “extracting your emotional self from a situation” and acting in your own best interest are both key to getting unstuck. Browne presents scenarios that mimic call-ins from her radio show to exemplify various concepts, and although these scenarios are varied, readers may want more concepts and fewer examples. As in her earlier, readable Dating for Dummies, Browne’s tone here is easy yet insightful and informative. Recommended.

This book was reviewed in Source: Library Journal 127.13 (Aug. 2002): p121. The galley was recycled on February 23, 2012 – almost ten years after.


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