Attitude is Everything for Success: Say It, Believe It, Receive It

Harrell, Keith D. Attitude is Everything for Success: Say It, Believe It, Receive It. Hay House. 2003. c.144p. ISBN 1-4019-0201-4. $14.95.

Harrell (An Attitude of Gratitude: 21 Life Lessons) encourages readers to reflect on 30 words in 30 days. In identically formatted chapters, he introduces those terms (e.g., enthusiasm) then presents insights that help reinforce the essence of the term (this makes up the subtitle’s “say, believe, and receive” methodology). Quotes, like Vince Lombardi’s “If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm,” also help readers recall the lesson. Self-starters needing just the slightest jump-start will enjoy Harrell’s device and find the lessons simple and effective; however, readers who desire a more thorough approach will grow impatient with the lack of how-to. Pass; public libraries would do better to consider sincere, appealing titles like Fred Rogers’s The World According to Mister Rogers and Kent M. Keith’s Do It Anyway: The Handbook for Finding Personal Meaning and Deep Happiness in a Crazy World.

This review appeared in Library Journal 129.1, January 2004: p138; the galley was recycled on February 15, 2012.


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