I Do. I Did. Now What?: Life After the Wedding Dress

I Do. I Did. Now What?: Life After the Wedding Dress. Workman. Jan. 2003. c.272p. ISBN 0-7611-2599-X. pap. $18.95. SELF-HELP

Who is Lee? And why has she written a book on surviving marriage? While she intends to be whimsical and funny–the publisher, in fact, is marketing this to the Bridget Jones demographic–she comes off as snotty, shallow, and cold. She compares housewifery to slavery and insists that her flower- and jewelry-savvy husband is not gay, for example. Beautiful and married to a doctor, Lee dully drones on in a whiny list of likes (shoe shopping) and dislikes (picking up after her husband). Other concerns include expensive French sheets and rare, exorbitantly priced shampoos. Perhaps it’s unnecessary for her to mention that she felt “wholly unprepared for how big an impact marriage would have” on her life. Accordingly, her “advice” is useless (e.g., “honeymoon calories don’t count!”). Not recommended, even as light entertainment; for a more substantial view of matrimony, consider Iris Krasnow’s Surrendering to Marriage or Anne Roiphe’s Married: A Fine Predicament.

This review appeared in Library Journal 127.19, November 15, 2002: p90; the galley was gleefully, joyously destroyed on February 14, 2012.


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