Who’s That Sitting at My Desk?: Workship, Friendship, or Foe?

Yager, Jan. Who’s That Sitting at My Desk?: Workship, Friendship, or Foe? Hannacroix Creek. May 2004. c.245p. ISBN 1-889262-94-3. $29.95. SELF-HELP.

Dry but logical, this book quantifies those friends-from-work relationships. Yager (sociology, Univ. of Connecticut) sensibly terms these relationships “workships” and examines how they begin, develop, and occasionally blossom into real relationships. Yager’s academic interest becomes evident as she probes factors affecting the success or failure of workships, including conditions that foster or stifle them. Carefully noting that workships often protect one’s career and even help it survive, Yager describes their benefits (e.g., increased morale, team-building, and worker comfort), advises readers on which relationships to cultivate and which to abandon (with an eye toward identifying helpful alliances), and shares structured lists (e.g., ten principles for beginning a model workship) that help frame the discussion. For large public libraries and academic collections focusing on sociology, especially those that hold Yager’s previous books, Friendshifts and When Friendship Hurts, which only touched on the idea of workshifts.

This review appeared in Library Journal 129.9, May 15, 2004: p103; the galley was recycled on February 12, 2012.


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