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Following Foo

March 15, 2010

Wong, B.D. Following Foo: (the electronic adventures of the Chestnut Man). HarperEntertainment: HarperCollins. Jun. 2003. c.384p. ISBN 0-06-052953-9. $24.95. PSYCH

When twin sons are born prematurely to actor Wong (Law & Order: SVU) via a surrogate mother, he is swept up in the ensuing maelstrom, feeling “like Noah Wyle from ER when he hasn’t read the script.” The first twin dies, and the second begins his journey to eventual health like all preemies–one day at a time. Elaborating on “real-time” e-mails written to friends, Wong retells the events surrounding the birth and ensuing months. Personal and heartfelt, he jumps around a bit yet captures perfectly the simultaneous heartbreak and joy of many difficult, disorienting moments. The minute detail will make readers feel like a close friend getting the story over a pot of coffee, and Wong’s engaging tone and unerringly positive attitude compensate for touches of self-indulgence and rambling. Although Wong is a gay father, that is not the point of the narrative. Recommended for all parenting collections.

This review appeared in Library Journal 128.9 (May 15, 2003): p.108(2). The book was shredded March 15, 2010.